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Flashbang Trainer

Flashbang Trainer

These are hard rubber training flashbang replicas. They are exact replicas of the real use "Mini Bang". The hard rubber is tinted blue, so that you do not need to worry about any paint chipping off. The rubber is impact resistant, so there is no need to worry about breaking, but over time with repeated throwing they will show scuff marks, and edges may wear down. These come as lightweight resin or weighted resin for practice throwing. The weighted ones are made to match the weight of the real use device.


The standard color is blue, but we can produce them in any color upon special request. The production time is about 2 weeks, but may take longer for larger quantities. Please message us if interested in orders over 10.


****Cancellations and returns are not accepted.****
If you intend to purchase, be sure to have all of your questions answered to your liking before ordering. No refunds, no exceptions. Please be aware of the longer production time before ordering.


    PriceFrom $25.00
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