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Gold Halo Visor

Gold Halo Visor

The next batch of visors will be done in Junel. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. Branfuhr Studios.


This listing is for the visor of all helmets other than Master Chief and ODST. Please look at our other visor listings for Master Chief and ODST helmets. Only one visor, and the helmet is not included. Finished pictures are for reference only.


Gold is the standard color for these visors. If you are looking for any other color, please look at our custom color visor listing.


The visor is vac formed out of thick clear plastic, and chrome plated on the inside. Then tinted gold. Visibility is very good. The mirror finish is very close to perfect. Keep in mind that these are hand made, so some minor imperfections may show up.


There are 8 visors to choose from:


1. Infinite Mark 7. It is designed specifically to fit the helmet made by Evakura. 7.75" Wide, 4" Tall, 4.75" Deep


2. Halo 3 Recon. This is designed to fit our Recon helmet. 7" Wide, 2" Tall, 2.5" Deep


3. Halo 3 Hayabusa. This is a visor designed to fit the Hayabusa helmet made by Letts Props. 6.25" Wide, 1.25" Tall, 2.75" Deep


4. Halo Reach Commando. This is designed to fit the helmet made by Midnight Oil Props. 6.75" Wide, 3" Tall, 3.5" Deep


5. Halo Reach Air Assault. This is designed to fit the helmet made by Mignight Oil Props. 6" Wide, 4.25" Tall, 3" Deep


6. Halo Wars. This is designed to fit our Halo Wars helmet. 8.5" Wide, 5" Tall, 6" Deep


7. Achilles. This is designed to fit the Achilles helmet made by Letts Props. 3.625" wide, 1.625" Tall.


8. Mark V B. This is designed to fit the Mark V B helmet made by Icon Props. 7.25" Wide, 3.5" tall.


These visors are designed to fit into those specific helmets, and only guaranteed to fit those helmets. If you have another helmet, there is a chance it may fit, but you may need to do some extra modifications to make it work.


****Cancellations and returns are not accepted.****If you intend to purchase, be sure to have all of your questions answered to your liking before ordering. No refunds, no exceptions. Please be aware of the longer production time before ordering.

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