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Low Budget H4 Chief Helmet

Low Budget H4 Chief Helmet

This is a listing for a completely finished low budget Master Chief helmet. This is a Disguise helmet that has been completely repainted with high quality automotive grade paints, and looks very realistic. Like it jumped right out of the game. It is a great budget friendly helmet. Keep in mind that this helmet is not as high quality as our other helmets, and we do offer a much higher quality version of this as well.


The helmet includes padding on the inside and is ready to wear. It also includes side LEDs. The helmet is made out of a very durable flexible plastic. If it gets dropped, it just bounces. This is ideal for kids to play with. It is not rated for airsoft or paintball.


Two sizes are available, medium and large. Medium is ideal for children and teenagers. Large is more ideal for adults. See pictures for size difference. Only 1 helmet is included.


Custom paint jobs are available upon request. Send a message for details.


These are very popular right now, and may take longer to ship out. They normally ship within a month, but depending on the current work load they may take longer. If you need one by a specific date, please don't hesitate to ask.

Here are the inside dimensions of both helmets:

Large helmet:
Height - 9"
Width - 7.5"


Medium Helmet:
Height - 8.5"
Width - 7"



****Cancellations and returns are not accepted.****
If you intend to purchase, be sure to have all of your questions answered to your liking before ordering. No refunds, no exceptions. Please be aware of the longer production time before ordering.

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