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ODST Helmet H3

ODST Helmet H3

This is a resin cast helmet, as seen in the video game Halo 3 ODST. This is a fan made replica, and neither myself nor this product is affiliated with Microsoft or 343i. The current turnaround time for a finished helmet is 1 month. Raw helmets ship out within a week.


This helmet is cast hollow from a durable polyurethane casting resin.  A raw kit will still need to be painted and assembled. The helmet may required minor filling and sanding prior to being painted. The neck opening is rough trimmed, so you will need to trim it down. A standard finished helmet will be done a solid gray color, and no stripe in the center. A finished Striped helmet will look just like the ones in the pictures. A White stripe is the standard finish, but any color stripe can be done, just add a note with the order of the color you would like.  Custom helmets can have miltiple colors and custom visor colors. Please message prior to ordering for details. Finished helmets take about 1 month to produce.


This is the most accurate and perfect ODST helmet on earth. It is full size for an adult, and weighs 2.5 lbs. The small helmet is made to fit up to a 22.5" head comfortably. The Large helmet is made to fit up to a 24.5" head easily. Larger heads can fit, but modifications may be needed. Look at the pictures of the neck opening to determine which size will fit best. You will also need to cut out the visor area, and install a visor of your own, or use the optional blue visor.


The optional visor is vac formed out of clear plastic, and chrome plated on the inside. Then tinted blue. Visibility is very good.


Custom paint jobs can be done. Message for details.



****Cancellations and returns are not accepted.****
If you intend to purchase, be sure to have all of your questions answered to your liking before ordering. No refunds, no exceptions. Please be aware of the longer production time before ordering.

    PriceFrom $170.00
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