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Helmet Padding

Helmet Padding

These helmet pads are a great addition to any helmet. They are comfortable, and can help position a helmet correctly on your head. These pads come with adhesive backed Velcro, so that you can position them however you would like on the inside of your helmet, while still being able to remove them if you ever need to clean them off. Every head is shaped different, so these allow you to custom fit them to fit your needs, on any style of helmet. We currently offer these pads in black and gray.

To install, make sure the helmet interior is free of dust and paint overspray. Clean with Windex or a similar cleaner, and let it fully dry. Test fit all foam pads to see how the fitment is. Then peel the back of the Velcro strip and firmly press it in place. Foam pads can then be put on the Velcro.

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