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Kyber Trooper Helmet

Kyber Trooper Helmet

The force is strong with this: RESIN CASTING. Resin is a much higher quality than a 3D print.
& yes - this is the helmet that you are looking for. 


This is a casting from a 3D print of a helmet, as seen in a very popular new sci-fi show. This is a fan made replica, and neither myself nor this product is affiliated with Any of the studios involved with making the movie.


This helmet is made from an impact resistant polyurethane casting resin. It is very durable and lightweight. The gold visor is vacuum formed and chrome plated, visibility is good. These helmets are cast thick for extra durability.


This helmet is one of the cleanest and most detailed ones available. It is full size, and can easily fit up to a 24" head. It weighs 2.8 lbs. using the files from Nicolai Henderson.


Finished helmets will look just like the one pictured. This particular helmet never made it past concept art, but it was too cool of a design, for us not to make. This is only available as a finished helmet. If you are looking for a raw cast, please check out our Shoretrooper helmet listing.

Message with any questions.

This is the way!

****Cancellations and returns are not accepted.****
If you intend to purchase, be sure to have all of your questions answered to your liking before ordering. No refunds, no exceptions. Please be aware of the longer production time before ordering.

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